Mama Morkovka had three kittens, born on June 4, a cinnamon and two ruddies.  They are all reserved. 

One of our graduates, Bizzy and Malta’s daughter, a cinnamon, Spicy, was bred  to Veresk and had three kittens Those kittens will all be placed with families on my list. I will be contacting those who are good matches very soon.

Most people want the ruddy color. This is possible with our breeding pairs, but does not happen often. Last July,  the perfect ruddy female arrived to complete our breeding program. She just completed a spectacular show year (International 2nd Best of Breed, Best Longhair/6th Best Cat in SC Region). She was bred July 2019 to Veresk, our ruddy, but we had a tragedy! The litter was born premature (not unheard of for a first time mom, and none survived.) Sweet Belisima is doing well and fully recovered.

We have an application process to insure the best home and the best match for each kitten. Please send an email  to be placed on the waiting list and include a copy of the  Kitten Application.docxWe only have one to two litters a year. We are not a store and will not have kittens of every gender/color combination. We pick the BEST home for each individual kitten. It is not a “first come/ first served situation, either. The wait may be long. However, all the Howling Coyote Somalis are sweeties and you will fall in love.

We have serious interest in every litter. Please contact us if you are interested, PARTICULARLY if you are looking for colors OTHER THAN ruddy. Ruddy kittens are always the most popular here, few in number, and most difficulty to obtain.