Although I have been showing cats with The International Cat Association (TICA) since 1987, I did not start my own line of Abyssinians and Somalis until 2008.  For the last few years, I have bred ONLY Somalis.

I screen my buyers and will not sell to someone who is not committed to offering a lifetime of love and superb care. I place kittens with the BEST MATCH, not in order of application.

NEW: We always have MUCH more interest than we have kittens. There is now an application process due to the growing demand and our desire for the BEST for our kittens. (Click here for more info.)

I also know many breeders in Europe and possibly can help you with a match there.

Howling Coyote Cattery                        Somalis

Our TICA 2018-19  year was a very good one. Howling Coyote Cattery had many wins. IW BW SGCA HowlingCoyote Dogberry is the 22nd Best Alter in all of TICA (6 Continents!) and International Best of  Breed Somali Alter. Our sweet Russian import, RW QGC Silvaliya Belisima of HowlingCoyote is the Best Longhair Cat / 6th Best Cat in TICA South Central Region and 2nd Best of Breed Somali in all of TICA!!  Our graduate, SGCA HowlingCoyote EzStMtShimbris of Sibs was the 3rd Best of Breed in all of TICA and earned both Kitten and Alter Regional Wins in TICA!

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A TICA Somali home since 1988


This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc.

However,  EVERY adult Somali and Abyssinian that has ever been part of our cattery has been shown and awarded titles from TICA. All HowlingCoyote litters are registered with TICA by the time the kittens are six months of age.

We no longer breed Abyssinians. Our focus

is on Somalis

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